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Tech Term - Traceroute

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An operation of sending trace packets for determining information; traces the route of UDP packets for the local host to a remote host.

Normally traceroute displays the time and location of the route taken to reach its destination computer.

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According to its online website, the GSM Association (GSMA) notes, "The incredible advancement of mobile communications has created an opportunity to revolutionise the health care industry. From tools that promote healthy lifestyles to remotely monitoring disease outbreaks, the future of worldwide health clearly lies in mobile technology."

The upcoming Global Mobile World Congress Conference in Barcelona, Spain, is perhaps the largest event focused on utilizing mobile communications in our personal and professional lives, putting the power of technology in the palm of our hands.

Most companies attending the event use it to announce their new products and services as well as offering glimpses of future mobile technologies that will come to market over the next couple of years.

That said, it's no wonder that this year's conference has a track dedicated to mHealth - what I would consider the next evolutionary step beyond telehealth.

The conference offers exhibitors the opportunity to show what they can do for businesses to support the medical community, as well as the services those businesses can provide to patients, doctors, therapists and others.

But as I pointed out in the past, mobile technologies - networks, applications, services and devices - are moving much faster than the health care infrastructure and government policies required to utilize these advanced tools so expect adoption to take some time.

GSMA will offer several panels that address some of the main issues and opportunities associated with mHealth, including how and when can mHealth become a profitable business, remote monitoring and preventive care, and of course, a glimpse into the future business and technology of mHealth. It wouldn't be a technical event if we didn't see the Star Trek devices.

With the rash of mobile operators throughout the world jumping on the mHealth bandwagon, the number of companies offering wellness and health care solutions is likely to increase.

Mobile operators enable the connectivity required for the applications and services whether in the home, around the corner, across the country, or in another part of the world. GSMA is likely to become a global advocate for moving mHealth forward in a world gone mobile.

I often talk about the cost of health care in the United States but the same is true around the world. The health care value chain that warrants fixing domestically needs similar treatment in other countries struggling to reform their systems.

The membership and reach of GSMA, along with its technology standards bodies, should play an important role in formalizing the best way to enliven mHealth regardless of where one lives, works or plays.

In the mobile industry, mHealth is viewed as a growth market - which translates to, "there's potential for a lot of money to be made in supporting health care." The carrot is being dangled in front of them. Now let's see what these folks can do to drive this technology and its benefits forward.

Have a safe and healthy week.

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Tech Term - Trusted Computing Base

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Trusted Computing Base (TCB)

  The totality of protection mechanisms within a computer system including hardware, firmware, and software - the combination of which are responsible for enforcing a security policy.

A TCB consists of one or more components that together enforce a unified security policy over a product or system.

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Health IT Survey

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Healthcare Applications Will Continue Growing

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The introduction of the iPhone brought about a significant change in the way people used their mobile phones - probably because it was the first device of its kind to actually put the Internet into your hand. While many other devices tried to deliver what the iPhone did, none could.

But now, a new generation of smartphones running operating systems similar to those in computers, promise a whole new generation of applications for those of us who want to get tips and take better care of ourselves on a daily basis.

According to the Global Mobile Health Market Report 2010-2015 compiled by research2guidance, more than a third of 1.4 billion smartphone users in 2015 will be running some kind of mobile health care application. I take that to mean all health care apps, including wellness apps.

I know there will be folks who disagree with my perspective on this, but I put health care and wellness into two categories.

Health care is something that is essential for you, normally with an associated cost and some interaction with a licensed physician. Wellness, on the other hand, is advice and counsel on keeping yourself fit and healthy, doesn't come with a price tag (except what you have to pay to download an application) and can be something that a friend told you about.

So doing things like exercising, getting a good night's sleep, steering clear of substance abuse of all kinds, maintaining a reasonable diet can all help in our personalized wellness campaigns. And as they say, "there's an app for that."

For healthcare, it's more than just apps when talking about mHealth. Consumer health electronics devices like portable ECG machines, blood pressure monitors and weight scales seamlessly capture and transmit patient information from home, work or from the road. These devices and applications can be more of a "must" for patients rather than something that is simply nice to have.

I believe wellness applications will be the frontrunner in achieving the numbers in the report mentioned above.

There are already more than 17,000 health care applications that can be downloaded free or at a minimal cost for iOS, Android, WindowsMobile, Blackberry and other mobile operating systems. More than half of these are wellness apps with that number continuing to grow as the market for mHealth ramps up.

As the year goes on I plan on dedicating some of these blogs to highlight the various healthcare and wellness applications available for personal and/or professional use.

Have a safe and healthy week.

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